Carpaccio of boletus with white truffle vinaigrette

Carpaccio of boletus with white truffle vinaigrette

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Recipe carpaccio of boletus with white truffle vinaigrette

One hour before serving the carpaccio, make the vinaigrette by mixing the Laumont boletus flour, the Laumont White Truffle vinegar and the olive oil. Set aside.

To prepare the mushrooms, it is important to wash them with a damp paper towel to use the minimum amount of water.

Once clean, slice the mushrooms with a mandolin or a sharp knife.

To plate the carpaccio, spread the slices of boletus on a flat plate, and dress with the vinaigrette that you have previously mixed. Sprinkle with fleur de sel and distribute the pine nuts.

Finally, place an egg yolk in the centre of the plate. Bon appetit!

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