White Truffle Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle aroma (250ml)

Late harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Tuber Magnatum. This oil has a very aromatic aroma and an intense flavour, made from Arbequina olives harvested between the months of November and December. The infused white truffle oil offers the possibility to enjoy this unique fragrance and flavour throughout the year.

The White Truffle Oil complements all kinds of dishes with the flavour of authentic Magnatum Truffle. A few drops of truffled oil give culinary preparations all the flavour of this exquisite delicacy.

Ideal for pasta, risottos, creams and salads.

Storage temperature and conditions:

14ºC - 30ºC in a closed container. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Store in a cool, dry place without large temperature variations. Protect from sunlight.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Format: 250ml glass bottle.
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