Truffled gourmet packs for Christmas

Truffled gourmet packs for Christmas

It shows in the atmosphere that we are about to arrive at that moment of the year that makes us so excited. Christmas means many things: reunions, illusion, hope, magic... and gastronomy. Of course. They are the perfect days to indulge ourselves, or to try things that we don't normally eat.

And at Laumont, we make it easy for you.

We have prepared packs with ideal gourmet products to offer to your loved ones. A truffled Christmas gift that you will not forget. Not when they receive it or, above all, when they eat the best truffled products that we have at Laumont.

2 gourmet packs to offer as a gift

At Laumont we have made a selection of some of our top products and we have dressed them in the best way to surprise with this Christmas gift. A small Christmas basket with the best gourmet products from Laumont. We present our four packs with gourmet products

The "dressing" pack: our two truffled oils

This pack contains the two Laumont truffle oils: one with a black truffle aroma and the other with a white truffle aroma. With this pack, you will be able to use a gourmet dressing in your usual recipes. With just a few drops of one of our truffled oils, you will attract the attention of your guests: the aroma it gives off and the intense truffled taste make the oil the star of your dishes.

The "truffled" pack: our 3 top truffled products

The best truffled pack you'll find in Laumont: it contains the top 3 truffled products that we sell in our online store. Apart from the oil with the aroma of black truffle, it comes with two condiments that can be the delicacies in your Christmas meals: the truffle carpaccio and the tartufata (sauce with black truffle).

The tartufata is a sauce that contains authentic black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and that is irresistible for all those who try it. Its application can be in multiple recipes: from pasta dishes to canapés, passing through small touches of truffles in meat or fish. A multipurpose sauce that, we warn you, you will want to try again.

The truffle carpaccio is made up of thin sheets of summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum), ideal to put on canapés or to give a different touch of truffle in, for example, some rice. The summer truffle is less intense and tasty than the winter truffle (black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum) but it is accompanied by a touch of our truffled oil, a fact that enhances the aroma and presence of the recipe.

You no longer have any excuse

With so many packs at your fingertips and culinary varieties, you no longer have an excuse to make the best gourmet gift this Christmas. Oh, and you won't have an excuse to prepare the best Christmas food either: Why not buy a gourmet pack for yourself?

Happy Holidays!

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